We Are Daemen University

We are now Daemen University!

Your education is something you can’t replace. Daemen University has outstanding faculty and staff members that truly care about our students.

Apply now at daemen.edu.

– (music building)

– Your education is never something that you can replace.

– I think we have a lot of amazing professors that actually care about us.

– And it really feels like home here.

– (Crescendo)

– The skills you learn at Daemen, both in and out of the classroom, will really ensure your long-term success.

– We’re proud to celebrate the official opening of Daemen’s Center for Interprofessional Learning and Simulation.

– The staff and faculty here, they really do care for you here.

– It’s really the people here that make Daemen special.

– (music continues)

– The students of Daemen are the reasons the trustees meet, deliberate, and act.

– (music continues)

– We are successful because of the nature of the students, expertise and talents of our faculty, and our commitment to the teaching-learning process.

– (music continues)

– I love the small class sizes.

– You feel at home when you’re at Daemen.

– Daemen has submitted its formal applications for a potential college of dentistry which will be called the Shatkin College of Dentistry.

– Daemen is just really family-oriented.

– I feel like the professors are all really good at being role models.

– (music continues)

– The New York State Education Department Board of Regents approved an amendment to make the institution officially a university effective immediately.

– (music continues)