University Student Experience with Emily Weaver

Get a taste of the student experience at Daemen University! In this video, a business administration student specializing in marketing and advertising Emily Weaver talks about her experience at Daemen University, how the small class sizes impact her learning experiences, and why she enjoys Daemen.

– Daemen is preparing me for life by showing me the capabilities that I would’ve never even thought of before.

If I were at a different university or institution,  I don’t think I would’ve learned as much about myself as I have.

Daemen has just shedded light on so many things that

I wasn’t even aware of.

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My name is Emily Weaver.

I’m a junior here at Daemen studying business administration with a specialization in marketing and advertising.

I chose Daemen because I wanted to go to a place and I didn’t wanna walk into classes where I felt like

I was just simply a number.

I like the fact that I walk into classes and I’m a person.

My professors know my name.

They ask me how my day is going, how I’m doing.

Everyone here wants me to truly succeed, and I feel that I make the most out of my experience here.

In all honesty, what I thought the college experience was gonna be is essentially very surface level.

You would go to class, you would go back to your dorm and study, and that was it.

Daemen changed my initial perception of what a college experience is by adding so much more in to supplement the experience.

I do so much more than just go to class, study, and then go to my dorm.

It’s the events on campus that make the experience.

It’s the, you know, hanging out with your friends, going to the dining hall.

Even simple, as simple as just going to the library.

It’s just the experiences and the relationships that Daemen has provided me that add so much more to the experience than I thought it would ever be.

I would definitely recommend someone coming to Daemen University.

You should consider coming to Daemen if you want to feel more than just a number.

If you want to go into your classes and you wanna make meaningful connections, if you wanna get to know people, get the most opportunities to advance professionally and personally, you will feel like you are heard and you are seen in this community, and you really have a chance to make a difference here.

Hi, I’m Emily Weaver.

Come experience Daemen University for yourself.