University Student Experience with Tatiana Nowakowski

Get a taste of the student experience at Daemen University! In this video, social work student Tatiana Nowakowski talks about her experience at Daemen University, how the small class sizes impact her learning experiences, and why she enjoys Daemen.

– Daemen has helped me grow in so many different ways.

And I came here with really bad social anxiety.

I kind of just stayed in my room, didn’t really wanna go out.

I then took a basic acting class, which I was like, why am I taking an acting class?

And honestly, that has pushed me outta my comfort zone, and I became a steward guide.

So, I get to meet prospective students every single day and get to bring them around this community that has welcomed me.

So yeah, Daemen has really helped me.

My name is Tatiana Nowakowski.

I am studying social work with a minor in forensic science.

The social work program I just think is wonderful because we get to not only do service learning, which is to go out into the community and help our local advocacy programs, but also we get an internship our junior year, which we get to decide where we get to go.

And it’s just hands-on experience that I love.

My favorite thing about Daemen University is the family atmosphere.

Everyone here is so friendly.

Everyone’s looking out for everyone.

And we honestly just want everybody here to succeed.

All the faculty know you by name.

All the faculty know if you’re doing okay ’cause they can just tell by the look on your face.

Just being able to walk into any building and everyone’s…

Even if you don’t know them, good morning, good afternoon.

How are you?

I thought the college experience would be me stuck in a library for its 12 hours a day doing homework and just being like a hobbit and not really going anywhere.

Not really like learning anything new, just kind of getting through it.

And that’s not the case.

Daemen is different than how I thought because I met friends that

I’m gonna have for a lifetime and I am learning things that I’m gonna use for the rest of my life to better the world around me.

Choose what’s best for you.

If you feel like you wanna push yourself and you wanna put yourself in a community that’s gonna support you, then I recommend Daemen University just for the pure fact of the 12-to-one ratios, the community, the 65 different majors, and all of our different minors.

I just love it here.

Hi, I’m Tatiana Nowakowski.

Come experience Daemen University for yourself.

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