Academics at Daemen University

Daemen University recognizes that education needs to be more agile if it is to help prepare students for professional, intellectual, and civic leadership. At Daemen, the core curriculum provides an innovative competency-based foundation for your studies in whatever major you may choose.

Academic Affairs accomplishes its goal of graduating students ready to meet the profound challenges of life by providing a learning experience centered on the individual student. Students work with faculty to realize dreams, cultivate the intellectual and practical skills necessary for personal fulfillment and professional success, and develop a sense of responsibility for the health and well-being of the local, national, and global societies in which they live.

Daemen is a relatively close environment, that’s extremely inclusive, and embraces the whole perspective of an education, the importance of an education, and the utility of that education.

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I’ve had the privilege of being here at Daemen, for over 40 years now.

I’ve been here as a student, and as a faculty member, and an administrator, and also a very strong supporter of our alumni office.

So if you’re interested in undergraduate research, Daemen is the place to go.

We have opportunities almost in every major, if not all majors, where students will take certain courses, it could be relative to research design, and then assessment, qualitative, and quantitative.

And then usually there’s a capstone.

So our students not only learn how to do research, they exercise those skills, and then they prepare it in
some professional manner.

To see those students involved in that type of research, and then have a meaningful product at the end of it, where they’ve truly contributed to society, is incredible.

The faculty here at Daemen have been trained at some of the most prestigious universities throughout the country and the world.

They’ve learned certainly their discipline, but they’ve learned how to work with students and how to teach students.

What our students find, is a faculty member, who enjoys the student success as much as the student does.

Students, and I think their parents, should look at where that student has the greatest chance of success.

And then they should choose that college or university, where they have the best chance to be successful.

Daemen is one where students have the best opportunity to be successful, not only in their education, but in the pursuit of a career.

I’d like to think students would come to Daemen, because it’s an opportunity for them to meet their goals.

They’ll have an opportunity to develop intellectually, mature professionally, and learn what they need to know for their career.

Daemen offers an opportunity for success.

We provide a great experience, incredible campus and faculty, and great student profile.

I’d say come to Daemen.

And then when you leave, I truly believe people will say forever Daemen.