Student Athlete Profile: Carly Armitage

Daemen University student-athlete Carly Armitage talks about what it takes to be a Division 2 athlete and full time student at Daemen University.

The best part about being a student athlete is all the experiences that we gain and all the people I’ve met

I think just being an athlete in general like it’s just a big family.

It’s helped me like make a lot of friends a lot easier than I think if I didn’t have a team or something like that and I think that Athletics is always there for you and wanting to support you and if you need extra things like coaching if you have a school problem there there to help that enhances the overall experience

It’s a privilege that I get to compete at a Collegiate level as well as further my education.

I think that everything that I experience and learn will relate to something else in my life and I can use that knowledge that I’ve had or the experiences to make decisions.

Come to Daemen, because Daemen it is a family here you meet a lot of great people everyone is here to support you everyone wants you to succeed your teachers want you to succeed and they make that known and that’s a great feeling.

There’s always someone there while I’m pushing you to succeed