Student Athlete Profile: Emma Cain

Daemen University student-athlete Emma Cain talks about what it takes to be a Division 2 athlete and full time student at Daemen University.

The best part about being a student athlete is the people that you meet and the immense support system that I have.

I think what pushes me to be a better student athlete is my goals.

I know what I want and I’m going to get it.

My teammates they’re very supportive my favorite race it wasn’t because I ran fast the entire track every spot there was a group of my team cheering me on and it’s a 10K nobody wants to watch that race it’s long it’s dreadful but every lap, 25 laps someone was cheering me on.

They’re so supportive when someone tears me down they’re there to build me back up.


I am not the same person who applied to Daemen 2 years ago.

I think that I have gone over a bunch of obstacles.

I have learned how to persevere and I think that being an athlete has really helped me in that.

A prospective student should come to Daemen, because I know that I have an entire department behind me supporting me

All athletes here at Daemen have one common goal and it’s to represent our school.

We all walk up to the line the field the track the court wearing Daemen across her chest and that sort of purpose that we all have brings us all together all of us are working towards the same goal.