University Student Experience with Adrian Waterhouse

Get a taste of the student experience at Daemen University! In this video, business administration student Adrian Waterhouse talks about his experience at Daemen University, how the small class sizes impact his learning experiences, and why he enjoys Daemen.

– I think someone should consider coming because you get that personal experience.

Teachers know your name, and I feel like that’s really important because now you feel like you’re someone special, you feel individualized.

You don’t just feel like someone who’s just another name in the crowd, you know.

My name is Adrian Waterhouse, and I am studying business administration with a specialization in human resource management.

I think the best part of being a college student is being able to meet new people and networking.

I try to make friends by going to like the school functions.

Whenever there’s like a school activity, try to go.

You might meet someone you never know ’cause the people you get to meet you might use them like later in life, you know in work or in whatever field you study.

So I think that’s really important.

Sometimes after class, I would go to The Den, and grab a quick burger.

You know, I love the burgers at The Den.

If I want to study, I’ll go to the RIC, go to the library, find a quiet space, and just get my work done.

I like the apartments especially because you know you get your own space but then when you wanna be social, you can.

So I kind of like how you have a choice like when you wanna be social you can, but then if you want your own space you can have that as well.

Daemen is preparing me well because a lot of Daemen programs have internships so that kind of gives you like a foot in the door on how it would be like in real life with your experience.

So I think that prepares me pretty well for your life after.

I would definitely recommend someone coming to Daemen University because it’s a small school so you feel personalized and the community is such a strong presence here, and you get to really interact with your teachers and staff on like a one-on-one basis.

And also the students as well are very friendly here.

So I would say definitely would recommend coming to Daemen.

Hi, I’m Adrian Waterhouse.

Come experience Daemen University for yourself.

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