Timothy Jones | Pre-Medicine

“One thing that I really like about it here is that they always have plenty of opportunities for you to do something…”

In this video, Timothy Jones talks about his experience in choosing to attend Daemen, his favorite aspects about college, and how he’s grown as an individual.

– I think a favorite memory that I would have so far would be in a class that I didn’t really expect to take.

I have a basic acting technique class. And it was just like a lot of fun. It’s like I didn’t expect to take it. And I’m really glad I did ’cause now I wanna continue doing something like that. My name is Timothy Jones.

I am a biochem major with a chem minor in the pre-med track. Best part about being a college student, I would say, is the experience being away from home. Like, you’re out on your own. You’re meeting new people. Living in like a residence hall with like other people that you haven’t met before, it’s kind of like a snowball effect. It starts with one little hello and then you’re making all these really nice, big friendships and just spreads and you’re having a good time really.

I feel like the professors are all like really good at being like good role models and giving you like good advice at times too. The class size ratio per teacher is like smaller so you get like more of that one-on-one experience that like a lot of people would look for. And they’re all really knowledgeable so I feel like they do a really good job with helping. Just making friends here started back with orientation. We were doing an activity as an orientation group and got talking with one person. And like okay, now I’ve got a friend here. Little bit later with that friend and then they have more friends that they’ve made or have brought with them from high school. And just get talking and it’s like really easy after having that one friend. And then it just spreads like wildfire really.

One thing that I really like about it here is they always have plenty of opportunities for you to do something. They always have events going on. Some point through the week they have multiple bingo nights and other events that you can go to relax and just have a really great time.

It’s a really great experience. You get to be in a whole new environment.

It’s a big change. And honestly, I feel as though that change can help a person grow even better as an individual.

Hi, I’m Tim Jones and you should really experience Daemen for yourself.