Student Success Center

In this video, Sabrina Fennell, Assistant Vice President for Student Success, provides an overview of the multiple offices available through the student success center at Daemen College.

My name is Sabrina Fennell, Assistant Vice President for Student Success.

Through the Student Success Center, we have multiple offices to help you be successful outside of the classroom. We have personalized academic advisors to help you with exploring majors, whether it’s a dual major or double-degree program.

We have the Learning Center, which provides academic tutoring. We call it personal coaching here at Daemen. And we also have disability services. So if you have a 504 or IEP coming from high school, we wanna make sure we have accommodations in place for you at Daemen.

We also offer academic and financial support programs. One of those is funded through New York State, our Arthur O. Eve HEOP program and then our Daemen-funded program is called Vision for Success.

When I think of what makes Daemen different, I definitely think about the services that we offer in individual level. Especially if you’re an undeclared student, like I was, still searching for that major, we have a course specifically made for you.

Also in our Learning Center, we have over 200 academic tutors, or coaches, and this is a free service available to students, pretty much seven days a week in our Research and Information Commons.

The Student Success Center is located on the first floor of Research and Information Commons, otherwise known as the RIC. And the Arthur O. Eve HEOP program is located on the first floor of Duns Scotus Hall.