Angeleah Lograsso | Physician Assistant

“Daemen has one of the best PA programs in the country, so for me it was a no brainer…”

In this video, Angeleah Lograsso discusses why she chose to attend Daemen and how she is using her time here in the physician assistant program to build her legacy.

– For me, I love the small class sizes. I loved that I got to talk with my professor one-on-one after every class if I wanted to, that was just something I just didn’t want to be in a lecture hall of 300 people. And also you get, you know, the benefits of a bigger college. You don’t feel like you’re confined to a small college because there’s so many things that are offered.

Hi, my name is Angeleah Lograsso. I’m a Physician Assistant Major here at Daemen and I’m currently a junior. So I actually shadowed Daemen in my junior year of high school and I kind of knew right away it’s kind of crazy to think, but I did only apply to Daemen. So I knew right away when I stepped on campus, I loved the small campus.

I loved that you got the benefits of a big college but on a small campus and two Daemen has one of the best PA programs in the country. So for me, it was a no-brainer. It was local.

I could stay close to my family and I just love the campus really. All throughout my childhood, I knew that I wanted to go into the medical field I just really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But when I was 15, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and so I was kind of thinking along the lines of physician or I was really into working with kids so I thought like a pediatrician, but what I really liked about PA was that you had more patient contact.

My mom was seeing the PA over the doctor and I feel like the doctor was kind of in the background at that point and it was really important to me that I got to speak to patients. So I chose PA and I really like where I am right now.

Embracing the Daemen is really like my home away from home. Even though I am a commuter, I’ve just found such a great group of people here, even in the library like I’m always constantly saying hi to people.

You know, it’s just like really is such a nostalgic part of Daemen is just to see those same people and have consistencies like that. Regardless of your major, you will make friends here. I just think as a unit, Daemen is just really like family-oriented.

Hi, my name is Angeleah Lograsso and you should experience Daemen for yourself.