Student Athlete Profile: Kylie Miranto

Daemen University student-athlete Kylie Miranto talks about what it takes to be a dual sport (soccer and lacrosse) Division 2 athlete and full time student at Daemen University.

To me the best part about being a student athlete is getting to like meet all of your best friends and just getting to play the sports that you love.

I chose Daemen mainly because of the soccer and lacrosse programs here.

Lacrosse was a first year program, it was nice to be a part of a first year team and then the soccer team just has a great program and Dan is a great coach.


Overall being a student athlete at Daemen enhances my experiences me on both teams

I have 60 girls it feels like that are my best friend.

Now my teammates are definitely the ones who push me the most to be better and my coaches as well as a freshman it’s very hard to have confidence being a D2 college athlete.

There’s a lot of girls that are way more skilled than you when you come in and it’s very refreshing but it’s also a very nerve-wracking and stressful thing as a freshman, this year I feel like I definitely have improved my confidence level.


I would come to Daemen if I were you because if you’re looking to be a athlete in college D2 is like a great level for that cuz you can really focus on your Athletics and your academics at the same time.

Daemen does a great job of balancing that and pushes me to be better in my Athletics and in my studies.