Derrick Lemon | History and Political Science

“The atmosphere of a small campus was one I couldn’t get on another campus.”

In this video, Derrick Lemon, a history and political science major, discusses why he chose Daemen and how he made his way into his field of study.

– The best part about being a college student is the people that you meet here. Especially coming from out of state, you get to meet a lot of new people. So coming here, I was able to meet so many new people, people from different areas and different backgrounds. So it was great to see us all in one common area, and we’re all here for the same thing. So it was great to meet new people along the way, especially with my education.

My name is Derrick Lemon, and I’m studying history and political science. When I was growing up, I actually did want to be a lawyer.

I actually did come into Daemen as pre-law, but now I am just history and political science, more focused on the education path. And coming to Daemen, you get to really, you get to take classes in the other fields. And through that, I was actually able to find something within the school that I actually loved more than pre-law, which was teaching of history and political science.

The atmosphere of a small campus is one that I couldn’t get on another campus, especially when it comes to your professors. The staff and faculty here, they really do care for you here, and on a small campus, you’re able to actually develop those relationships with your faculty and professors, and your professors really try to strive to get you to succeed.

I’ve never had a professor here who has given up on me or anything. So a professor will really try their best to work with you so that you are able to fully reach your potential. I love Canavan Hall because of the community-based living. You’re all under one roof, and you’re just, you’re seeing people, you’re walking through the hallways, and you’re just seeing people who you see around campus. We have a lot of fun there.

Some of the times in the lounge, every floor has a lounge, and we have, like, game nights.

On Sundays, I remember, we’d always come to watch the Buffalo Bills games as well. I love telling people when I’m giving tours about how much of a community-based living Canavan is, and how amazing it is, and how you’ll meet so many of your future friends there.

I think someone should consider coming to Daemen, because it has a lot to give. Being on this small campus, you really get to see how your professors care about you. I’m essentially learning everything that I will need to know in the future. And then by taking all of these classes that I’m taking, whether they’re related to my major or not, I’m able to build more of my knowledge so that I am able to be more aware of things coming out of school. And I possess the knowledge to know everything that’s going on around me in life.

Hi, my name is Derrick Lemon, and you should experience Daemen for yourself.