Wildcat Media and Entertainment

In this video, Wildcat Media and Entertainment founder Jevon Jordan discusses how students can become involved with video and podcast production at Daemen College!

My name is Jevon Jordan, and currently, I’m studying Operations and Supply Chain Management with a minor in entrepreneurship. I’m representing Wildcat Media and Entertainment.

We started in 2018. This is actually the first year that we’ve officially taken off with the allocation of our studio space.

We’ve been able to do so much when it comes from film to music to even podcast production. A lot of our students are involved with actually being producers, just learning all the multifaceted things that go on within media and entertainment.

So, our vision statement is to create and sustain an inclusive environment in media and entertainment. So, pretty much, we want everybody to be involved.

This is an open space. Our studio is open probably 24/7. We love everybody to take advantage of what we have here on campus. And from everything, from film to music to, you know, podcast production, we offer it all.

So, definitely, follow us on Instagram at _WildcatRadio and look out for our content.