Student Leadership Development

In this video, Kim Pagano, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement, discusses the LEADS Center at Daemen College and the many resources available to students.

Hi, I’m Kim Pagano, I am the assistant dean for student engagement, and today I’m gonna talk about the LEADS Center.

The LEADS Center is set up to help our students enhance their academic experience at Daemen. So it’s developing your leadership skills outside of the classroom. So when you’re in the classroom, you’re working on your academics, we want to help develop those skills that you have inside of you and develop your leadership outside.

Helping you to learn more about topics like time management, conflict resolution, procrastination, how not to procrastinate. How to work with others and understanding yourself and others, as well.

One of the best parts of the LEADS Center is our annual, Building Your Legacy Student Leadership Conference. There are presentations that are done by special keynote speakers, we also bring in our alumni, and also community members to really talk about current themes in the world.

Also have our students present as well, so again, it’s something great you can put on your resume and a great way to learn and develop your leadership skills.

You can find us in the Wick Student Center on the second floor in the Student Affairs Suite.