Student Alumni Ambassadors

In this video, Telena Smith with Student Alumni Ambassadors discusses the importance of networking with Daemen College alumni and getting involved with SAA!

Hi, my name is Telena Smith and everyone calls me “T.” My major is psychology and I’m a junior. My club is Student Alumni Ambassadors.

Student Alumni Ambassadors, we help out with a lot of different events on campus, more towards alumnis that come on campus. We help to better acclimate them to campus now and show them around the different things that are on campus now then they were here before. Like, they’re our stepping stone. We try to better like have that close-knit family and engage with them.

I have two events that I’m really proud of that we worked on. Those events are the Distinguished Alumni Awards and the Easter Bunny Brunch.

You should join SAA because it’s very fun. SAA is a really good way for you to start out as a leader and you get to know people that went to the school before, and that’s a very good way for you to start networking. And we try to work around everyone’s schedule, as best as we can.