Rachel Roberson | MBA

In this video, Rachel Roberson, a graduate of Daemen College’s master of public health program (MPH), shares her experience about her time as a student.

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I chose Daemen initially for the athletics program because I was a track and field athlete, and so that’s what kind of started all of this at Daemen.

During my time here I learned more about health promotion and public health.

I guess athletics is what brought me here, but public health is what I’ll really cherish about my time here.

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What made me interested in public health was this documentary that basically, it showed the issues within our society with maternal and children’s health and the racial disparities and inequities that we see.

And I could sort of see myself in a lot of that, and so that sort of is what planted the seed and really ignited that passion in me, and now I really just strive to try and respond best so that we can achieve health equity as a society.

What made me interested in the MPH program was that it was the four-plus one combined, so I was able to get my undergraduate degree and my graduate degree in five years.

I really just liked their viewpoints on prevention and also the social determinants of health.

A lot of that resonated with me and helped me kind of make sense of a lot of my feelings and thoughts about the world around me.

So the professors really helped me grow as a person.

They supported me throughout academics, letting me know about various opportunities within research or within the community, and they really just lend a support.

I mean, graduate school is tough, and there’s a lot of other external things that are going on.

And I always felt like I could go to my advisor or other professors just to really seek some support and comfort.

So they were always very helpful, and I’m very appreciative of them.

I would definitely recommend the MPH program at Daemen to anyone, particularly because of the small class size and just the opportunity for a real connection with your peers and your advisors and professors.

I think that’s what I’ll carry with me throughout.

Getting a Master’s in Public Health degree really opens up the doors and the possibilities for you with future employers, and it also just grants you the experience to network with various faculty and students and as a public health professional networking and just finding ways that we
can all kind of work together and collaborate is really key.

Hi, I’m Rachel Roberson.

I’m a graduate of the Daemen Master of Public Health program and I think you should experience Daemen for yourself.