Pride Alliance

In this video, president of Pride Alliance Erin Reilly talks about what Pride Alliance is and how they have an impact on the Daemen College community!

I’m Erin Reilly. I’m a third year illustration major and I’m here to talk about Pride Alliance.

I’m the president of Pride Alliance and in Pride Alliance at Daemen, we really are here to support LGBT students on campus, and also create visibility for the non-LGBT students so, that like includes educating them on how to be an ally and what type of stuff we have going on in the community.

I think that everybody should be involved with Pride Alliance because we do a lot of cool stuff for lots of different groups of people.

We do stuff like raise money for AIDS awareness, but we also do things to educate the campus about different sexual orientations and gender identities. And I think it’s a lot of fun.

It’s pretty cool to learn something about yourself and to learn something about other people, and to really practice tolerance.