Music Club

In this video, Sam Warner from the Daemen Music Club discusses how students can get involved in creating music with other students!

Hi, my name is Sam Warner and I am a physical therapy major at Daemen.

I started the Daemen music club. We meet up twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays, and for the most part, we’ve just been learning how to play new songs and jamming as a group, and figuring out how to make some music together.

I started the club at the end of my freshman year. I really wanted there to be some sort of outlet for practicing music on campus. I wanted to start a new club and I gathered a couple people that had the same interests, you know, starting to do music.

Since last year, we’ve played at the Academic Festival and we had plans to run our own TGI Friday event with the outdoor adventure club and we also played at the Tree Lighting Ceremony for Christmas.

Definitely, it’s a very friendly community, where everybody just wants to help each other get better.

I wouldn’t say any of us are professionals by any means but we just wanna get together and have fun, and it’s a fun community, and we’ve all became really close friends.