Housing & Residence Life

The Housing & Residence Life program at Daemen College is committed to facilitating and enhancing the academic, social, and personal growth of residential students.

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Hi, my name is Danielle Weaver, and I’m the Director of Housing and Residence Life here at Daemen College. Living on campus affords you the opportunity to create lifelong friendships while being in the middle of the action here on campus.

I chose Daemen because of this close-knit community.

I found living on campus, being close to the library, being close to like all my friends has been really beneficial for me.

It just felt better to be more involved in the campus.

I like living on campus because it’s really close to all of the other buildings on campus, it’s a short walk to class.

My favorite part about Canavan Hall is probably just like the lounges. I remember watching a lot of
sports games with some of my friends.

Canavan Hall is primarily where we house our first-year students. There are about two hundred fifty-nine beds in the building that feature suite-style living.

I liked having everybody so close together because we made friends with everybody on our floor.

The campus apartments feature 96 apartments. Each individual apartment features four single rooms, a living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms.

There is a bunch of stores and malls nearby.

Glen Falls is a park that we have right down the street; there is like a beautiful waterfall. You can go down there. There’s a lot of like nature trails.

We love McDonald’s, we’re there a lot.

Almost every meal, especially dinners, are like a team dinner because we all just meet up and eat together.

The Wildcat Den is probably my favorite place to eat. There’s just always like a rotating option; there’s always the grill.

I like the wrap station. I pretty much get something different each time. It’s always so good.

They also have a really good coffee place here, and they have really good Wildcat mochas.

I actually didn’t pick my roommates, I was going to originally live off of campus, but that sort of fell through. Res Life was really good in the sense that they found four really good roommates for me.

I actually live with a third-year PA student her name’s Andrea, and she’s like helped me a lot to understand like what the grad school process is going to be like for me.

They asked me if I want to live with someone like from Scandinavia, or if I just wanted to have another international student or what I wanted.

I asked for an American roommate, and then, later on, they set me up with the American.

Living on campus everything has just become a lot more organized; having everything here already and not having to run back and forth has just allowed me to like breathe.

It has made our assimilation, really easy and successful.

Residence Life strives to provide a safe and vibrant living-learning community where students achieve personal growth in a diverse residential community.

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