Global Programs

In this video, Ann Robinson provides an overview of Global Programs at Daemen College and why you may want consider the opportunity to study abroad.

Hi my name is Ann Robinson, I’m the Executive Director of the Global Programs Office.

The Global Programs Office wears two hats, we are the International Student Service Office and we are the Study Abroad Office.

Study Abroad at Daemen takes on many formats, we offer students the ability to do research, to do internships, study language, study at another university, or complete their service learning requirements abroad.

Students should study abroad because it enhances your education. Employers are looking for students with global competencies, students that are able to work with adversity, diversity, and flexibility.

Studying abroad is easy at Daemen, we have many different pathways from faculty led programming to going on partner providers.

The best process is students should make an appointment and stop by The Global Programs Office in DS245.