Favorite Thing About Daemen

What do you like about the Daemen College community?

We asked some of our graduate students what their favorite thing about Daemen was, and this is what they had to say.

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My all-time favorite thing about Daemen College would have to be the faculty, the professors that I’ve had throughout all of my years here.

Everybody’s been great to me and has not only helped me in the classroom but also helped me progress my career outside of the classroom by connecting me with jobs and other opportunities.

I really was here for basketball, and once I got on campus and started studying and doing my different coursework and course load,

I really started just falling in love with Daemen, the culture here and everything about it, and to be able to excel here is very easy, once you get to know people, and then if you actually put the effort in, then you’ll be able to excel in anything you try to do here.

I would just say the resources that the professors are giving your students, they’re definitely plentiful, and they want you to succeed more than you could imagine.

They’re always there for you; they’re willing to meet with you, talk with you.

The fact that the class sizes were small, the fact that you could do the live online, the online synchronous, asynchronous, and in-person.

I do think that working full-time and going to school; you do have to have a level of just an online education.

It makes it more convenient, but the fact that there is still that in-person touch works for me because it does still give that connection with your professors and other people in the field that you make learn from.

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