Experience Daemen University For Yourself

Your college is more than just a degree—it’s an experience where you can learn and improve who you are as a person.

Daemen University recognizes that education needs to be more agile if it is to help prepare students for professional, intellectual, and civic leadership.

In this video, see what our students have to say about their experiences at Daemen, and why you should check out a Daemen University education for yourself!

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– College is more than just a degree. It’s an experience where you can learn and improve who you are as a person.

– For me, I love the small class sizes. That was just something I just didn’t wanna be in a lecture hall of 300 people. And also you get, you know the benefits of a bigger college. You don’t feel like you’re confined to a small college ’cause there are so many things that are offered.

– The atmosphere of a small campus is one that I couldn’t get on another campus, especially when it comes to your professors, the staff, and faculty here they really do care for you here. I’ve never had a professor here who has given up on me or anything. So a professor will really try their best to work with you so that you are able to fully reach your potential.

– One thing that I really like about it here is they always have plenty of opportunities for you to do something. They always have events going on. Other events that you can go to, relax and just have a really great time.

– The thing that made me want to come here overall at the end of the day was the education. I think you should consider coming to Daemen. If you are very hardworking you are a very driven person and you like learning about all aspects of life.

– People should consider coming to Daemen because of our community. We’re more than just a school, we’re a bunch of people who really look out for each other and it really feels like home here.

– I think someone should consider coming to Daemen because it has a lot to give. Being on the small campus should really good to see how your professors care about you.

– Daemen, they offer so many things to further your legacy. We have like career services. So that’s helping me prepare for my future. I definitely think when I leave here I will have no problem. You know, building my legacy.

– It’s, it’s a really great experience. You get to be in a whole new environment. It’s a big change. And honestly, I feel as though that change can help a person grow even better as an individual.

– Always ask for help because everyone here is willing to help you and willing to take time out of their day to make like your college experience easy for you, like easier for you, or like have you less stressed out. Always ask for help ’cause it helps.

– I mean, I know I’ve said it a lot, but it’s really the people here that make Daemen special.

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