CHIP Center

CHIP Center (Counseling Health, Insurance, Prevention)

The Health Services team is dedicated to creating opportunities for students to make informed health and wellness decisions. Our team connects students with quality care in the event of illness or injury and offers student driven wellness events year round! Daemen’s counseling services consists of professionally licensed mental health specialists who are committed to responding to the mental health needs of students in a compassionate, competent, and confidential manner.

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My name’s Ashley Frazier, and I’m the Director of the CHIP Center.

My role encompasses health compliance, so making sure that students have their immunizations when they come to campus to make sure that you’re healthy and safe.

And then I also work with a wellness student-based group called Wildcat Wellness to do a variety of wellness initiatives on campus for all students.

I’m Danielle Eadie, and I’m the Clinical Director of Counseling Services here at Daemen College.

So I am in charge of the oversight of the counseling services portion of the CHIP Center and I am responsible for all of the counseling operations that we deliver to students.

So the Counseling Office is located within the CHIP Center, which is around the corner from Campus Safety, tucked away within the Wick center.

The benefit of that is that it’s private, it’s kind of off the beaten path.

And so it’s really designed for students to have a safe place to come and, you know, for whatever they need.

As part of being a student at Daemen you are entitled to free and confidential counseling services, and we’re really there to assist college students through a wide variety of challenges they might be faced with during their time here.

We help students locate and secure health insurance.

We do have what’s called a wellness kiosk in our office.

So students can come in anytime Monday through Friday when our office is open and they can get over the counter products.

So if you’re in between classes and unfortunately not feeling well, you can stop in and get something that is completely free, no questions asked, and it’s a really convenient
service for students.

And we also help students connect with urgent care, which we have two locations within a mile of campus.

Our office impacts student life, really outside of the classroom.

So there’s a lot of supports in place for academics and making sure you succeed inside of the classroom.

And so the CHIP Center is really designed for student support, making sure that you are doing well, not only academically, socially, but really emotionally and physically.

So our office really assists students with their overall well-being, whether it be physically, emotionally, spiritually, we really wanna make sure that we’re taking care of the whole person.

That is something that is free, it’s accessible for students all the time, residents, commuters, and they can come in at any point when our office is open.

We wanna make sure that students are given the tools to be supported, to have a successful time here at college.