Career Services

In this video, Lamark Shaw, Director of Career Services at Daemen College, provides an overview of what career services offers our students in order to be successful.

Hi, my name is Lamark Shaw, I am the Director of Career Services here at Daemen College.

In career services, we provide resources to support our students in terms of career decisions, in terms of graduate school and we support them by providing resources and help to create their professional portfolio or their professional documents.

We help our students to create cover letters, targeted to specific jobs. We help our students to articulate their experiences and education on their resume.

In addition to that we actually help our students with actually interviewing and preparing for that job. We conduct mock interviews in our office and look at ways of improving on some of the things that our students are saying during those interviews.

Students should understand that career services also offers assessments. These assessments are foundational for having those discussions about career decisions. I think the assessments provide characteristics or provide students with a list of characteristics and how those characteristics are aligned with a major or how they may be aligned with a career path.

Career services is located in the Wick Building on the second floor. We’re located in the Student Affairs suite. Come by and visit us. Looking forward to working with you.