Why Daemen

Learn more about Daemen and what sets us apart.

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Daemen’s changed my life in a lot of ways. I came into Daemen College with no direction at all. Now four years later, leaving Daemen, I am very optimistic for my future. Daemen has a lot to offer and will open up a lot of opportunities more than you’ll ever think.

The doors that have been opened to me at Daemen have truly been unbelievable, and it paid off in so many ways. Because of Daemen, I am truly changed, and because of the opportunities I was given, I am a different person. I am confident, and I am ready to take on the real world, and I don’t think I would have found this at any other university.

Daemen was the one that seemed the best it has allowed me to combine athletics with academics in the perfect matter for me.

The people that I meant pushed me academically, they pushed me socially, and I am just a happier person.

I think the faculty are great because they take their time with students, and they don’t just have one hour of office hours for 500 students. They make time to go over everything with you. If you are struggling, they can help you, and I think they motivate you to do the best you can.

One of my favorite things about Daemen is having the small class sizes as I get into upper-division classes; they tend to become more difficult. It’s easier for me to be able to speak to my professors personally and build that close relationship with them. I can get all the attention that I need, and I can get all the help that I need if I’m struggling with any particular topic in the classes.

My favorite part about being at Daemen is definitely the small community, you know everyone, and everyone knows you, and if you have a problem, you have friends that surround you and assist you. It’s a really close-knit family I feel like.

That’s what I always tell people is I felt at home when I came here, and that’s why I chose Daemen.

I would say accounting at Daemen is really special; you have a lot of one-on-one time with your professors. It’s my passion. I love solving puzzles. I love having one side match the other side and having a job that would relate to my daily life.

I think students who graduate from our Master’s programs are very prepared to go out to do something that is an advanced practice, and I think when they get out in practice, they realize that they really were given the skills that they need to be a successful practitioner. A nursing career is something that isn’t just a job; it is something that you’ve become.

When I heard I was accepted at the Smithsonian at my first internship that I’ve ever had in my major; I was ecstatic. I couldn’t even describe the emotions, oh my gosh, it really was the most amazing news that I have heard.

I’ve always been interested in traveling and throughout my time here at Daemen I’ve had opportunities to study in Costa Rica for a summer. Going there and being able actually to live in the rainforest and travel is awesome. I was just awarded a travel grant to pursue scientific research at the National University of Singapore.

Because of Daemen College accounting program, I actually got a job offer at one of the big four firms.

Daemen takes any student, and we give them the grounded education. It’s not an accident that in universities large and small, people are taking courses in the liberal arts, in the humanities, in the natural sciences, and the social sciences. We add to that so that when you are a graduate, you’re prepared not just for your first career but for your lifelong career. We are educating you for the rest of your life, not just for your first job.

If you’re really passionate about your career and you’re really looking for the future, Daemen is the place to be, and if you really want people who genuinely care about you and humanistic college to go to you.

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