Tyler Ford | MBA

In this video, Tyler Ford shares his thoughts on Daemen College’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program!

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I actually began my undergrad career at Syracuse University and then wound up transferring back here.

And I think the reason that really drew me back here is the small class sizes and, really, the one-to-one interaction with professors.

And you just also, you feel at home when you’re at Daemen, you’re not lost in a crowd.

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What attracted me most to this MBA program at Daemen is the speed in which you can get it done.

It’s a lighter class load in terms of quantity compared to some other MBA programs.

I think some of the skills that I want to take with me is being able to capture enough and learn enough from all different aspects of business, whether it’s human resources or corporate finance or accounting, but I can apply that to other aspects of business.

I think the biggest benefit of having a small MBA class is being able to build relationships with your classmates.

It helps us all get through the program together easier, and that’s something that I don’t think would be possible if the class sizes were much larger.

I want to be able to use this MBA to set me apart from others in my field.

And when employers are looking at candidates, I would hope that they would choose the one that went back to school and kept striving for more.

I would recommend the MBA program at Daemen to anybody looking to further their education in the business field because I think that the
structure of the program, including the courses, the professors, the way things are done here is something that you can’t find at other schools.

Hi, I’m Tyler Ford, and I’m pursuing my MBA at Daemen College; and I think you should experience Daemen for yourself.

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