Shantina Addison | MBA

The demand for MBA graduates continues to be strong.

In this video, Shantina Addison shares her thoughts on Daemen College’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program!

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You feel like you’re part of the family, you’re part of the community, and the people, employees, resources that you have here at Daemen really prepares you for your next journey in your career, because everybody gets to know you.

So they want to help, pull you up to the next level.

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So what really attracted me to the MBA here at Daemen is I know a lot of the faculty members, and just seeing the years and years of experience that each one of them have.

I really wanted to learn from them and use them as mentors as to how I can get a foot into the business world.

I’m really interested in learning more about organizational leadership, how I can be a better leader one day, and how to be a better marketer for not just within my career field but to market myself.

I would certainly recommend the MBA program at Daemen to someone because it is definitely going to prepare you for not only skills in the business field, but it also prepares you for life skills.

Hi, I’m Shantina Addison, I am pursuing my MBA at Daemen College, and you should experience Daemen for yourself.

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