Nursing B.S. 1+2+1

In this video, learn more about the Nursing B.S. 1+2+1 program at Daemen College!

The 1+2+1 curriculum allows students to earn both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in nursing in just 4 years.

Students complete their first year at Daemen and attend one of our Buffalo area partner community colleges for two years to earn their AAS in Nursing degree.

The fourth year is at Daemen at a 50% reduced tuition rate. Students have the advantage of being able to work as an RN after their 3rd year.

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The 1+2+1 program here at Daemen is a very unique program that combines the Associate degree and the Bachelor’s degree in nursing in four years.

So students come to Daemen for their first year, complete some prerequisites for nursing, attend one of three partner schools in their second and third year, complete their associate degree in nursing and then return to Daemen in the fourth year to complete the bachelor’s degree in nursing.

There are several advantages to the 1+2+1 program at Daemen.

One is that you complete your associate degree and at the end of year three, which makes you eligible to take your licensure exam so that you can work as an registered professional nurse in the fourth year when you returned to Daemen so that gets you to be able to begin your practice a year earlier than a traditional four year program.

Another big advantage is financial.

So in the first year at Daemen, you are eligible for any of the first year nursing scholarships and then in the second and third year, you pay community college tuition.

When you return to Daemen in the fourth year, you get a 50% tuition discount so there is a significant financial savings over the four years.

One of the things that is really helpful here at Daemen for students coming into the 1+2+1 program is that we have a great many resources to help you get that foundation that you need before going to your partner school.

So we have a learning center that helps you in terms of looking at how to study, how to answer the kinds of exam questions that you’ll see not only in your nursing program, but also on your licensure exam and then we also do some study skill sessions where we work with you again to make sure that you’re getting the preparation that you need to be successful at your partner school.

Students in this program need to be students who are willing to work and to hit the ground running because you’re gonna start out with your sciences and things that are important as a foundation for nursing but also students who really want to work with people, who want to really make a difference in people’s lives and to become a nurse which to me is really more than a career, it really becomes part of who you are.

So the person that you are is really important to who you become as a nurse.

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