Nursing Executive Leadership, M.S.

In this video, learn more about the Nursing Executive Leadership program at Daemen College!

This program prepares master’s level nurses who are skilled in fulfilling leadership and executive roles within the health care system.

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The Master of Science in Nursing Executive Leadership at Daemen College is very unique program.

It is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses from our Leadership and Innovation program and the foundational courses in the nursing graduate program.

It prepares students for leadership positions within nursing.

That certainly includes management positions, but also includes a wide range of leadership positions that people might be interested in.

Many students who come into the program are already in management or leadership positions and really want to enhance their skills as a leader and this program really helps to do that.

The minimum admission requirements of the program are a Bachelors in Nursing and the grade point averages of 3.25.

However, we do admit students who have a grade point average that might be a little bit lower than that on a conditional basis and so again, we’ll work with you.

We’ll look at what your skills are and whether this is really the right program for you.

The Nursing Executive Leadership program at Daemen College is unique because it prepares you for leadership positions within the nursing world, but I think one of the things that we find within nursing is that oftentimes nurses are promoted to higher level positions within organizations really because of their good clinical skills and because they are
well-thought of clinically, but not having that background in management and leadership that really helps them in the kinds of positions they’re moving into, so this program really prepares nurses to perform at a level that they would like to perform at in leadership and management kinds of positions.

Within the Nursing Executive Leaderships program, students choose a leadership model that they really want to practice as they leave the program, and so it really prepares you to look at yourself and what characteristics really fit for you in terms of a leader and how you can use that to build your leadership potential, and so you really have the opportunity to work on that throughout the program.

You develop a portfolio that puts together what is the model of leadership that I really want to practice as I move on from this program?

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