Nursing Education, M.S.

In this video, learn more about the Nursing Education, M.S. program at Daemen College!

Our Nursing Education Program is an option for nurses who wish to pursue graduate-level education that prepares them for roles in staff development or nursing education.

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The Masters of Science in Nursing Education program at Daemen College is really geared for students who are looking to educate nurses in one of two settings or maybe a combination of the two.

So the focus can be on traditional academic nursing education.

It can also be on staff development, and again, students can choose one or the other, or they can choose a combination of the two depending on where they are looking to go in their career.

Students coming into the Master’s in Nursing Education program need to have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and a grade point average of 3.25.

It’s important that you have good communication skills yourself.

It’s important that you have good writing skills.

If you come in and you need to further develop your writing skills, we certainly work with you on that, but really being able to look at the various pedagogies and the various ways of engaging learners so that you can really make sure that they are learning and developing the learning outcomes that you’re looking for them to achieve.

Students graduating from this program can begin work as staff development educators, and many, particularly many of the larger inpatient institutions are looking for nurse educators that have their master’s degree.

So this would certainly put you in a good position for that.

With respect to traditional academic nursing education, at the Master’s level, typically, that education would be, that role would be at an Associate degree level or working as a clinical faculty member, but it prepares you in moving along to, if you’re looking to teach at higher level education, to move into a doctoral program that would then allow you to teach at those upper levels.

So it really is a step in that transition or a step in the process if that’s what you’re
looking to do ultimately.

Students should come to Daemen for this program because we have a nursing faculty that really has worked very hard to develop their skills as nurse educators.

Most of them are credentialed as certified nurse educators.

Many of them are certified in online education, and so we really have worked to develop a variety of pedagogies ourselves so that we can pass those on to our students.

We teach both online and in the classroom.

You have faculty who are skilled in both formats and can prepare you to be able to teach in both formats, which is really a necessity in today’s world.