Building Momentum at Daemen

Here at Daemen College, we are proud of our roots and our history, and the quality of education and experience we provide to students, and that’s never going to change.

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Here at Daemen College, we are proud of our roots and our history.

Here at Daemen College, we are proud of our roots, our history, and the quality of education and experience we provide to students, and that’s never going to change.

No matter how many other things do, in the last five years, we’ve added 24 academic programs like our Master’s degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis, Social Work, and Public Health.

Students come from more than 20 countries to enjoy a Daemen experience, and each year nearly 100 students participate in international learning opportunities.

We continue to focus on creating truly best-in-class programs. For example, our Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy programs are highly competitive nationally, with just 20 students admitted for every 1,000 applicants.

Students benefit from the partnership we have with other institutions like Lincoln Memorial University and Nova Southeastern University to finish their education as veterinarians and osteopathic doctors; this wouldn’t be possible without the generous support from the community.

Actually, I’m from the Native American reservation. I received the Daemen College Trustee Scholarship, and it also showed that it doesn’t really matter where you come from, but as long as they can put in the hard work and dedication, there are going to be schools that want to help you pursue your dreams, and your goals.

A high-quality education requires cutting-edge technology. We recently built a 3D surround sound theater, expanded our technology labs, renovated classrooms, and built a new instructional design space.

These enhancements will continue in the coming year with the redesign of Curtis Hall to house our Institute for Government and Non-Profit Innovation, Training, and Evaluation program and the expansion of our outdoor recreation space.

We also pride ourselves on bringing together communities and have recently opened the Nancy Haberman Gacioch Center for Veterans, Honors House, Alumni House, and the Academic & Wellness Center.

There’s definitely a very close personal feeling of living on campus here at Daemen. You can really tell when the professors care about you as well as the fact that I got a really great experience early on in my second and third semester I was in classrooms working with students.

But no education experience would be complete without challenges and opportunities outside the classroom.

In 2015, Daemen became the only Division II NCAA program in Western New York. The athletics program continues to grow now home to 18 different sports, including women’s tennis and women’s triathlon, one of only 25 programs in the nation. Cheerleading was recently elevated to a varsity sport, and our newest sport, men’s volleyball, has just hit the courts and talk about cutting-edge we recently added eSports, which is growing hugely in popularity throughout the nation.

But a well-rounded college experience is about more than a quality education new challenges and having fun it’s also about building community and giving back, and that’s why we’re so proud to provide athletics programming to those with developmental disabilities through our Cause program.

The student-run Daemen College rescue squad is another way students give back we’re just one of 250 colleges throughout the nation with fully trained EMT certified students on-site.

Daemen continues to grow. We were recently approved to operate multiple campuses enabling us to offer more programs and to change the lives of more students.

Well, you’ve seen five years of momentum here at Daemen College. All kinds of things that we hadn’t had before, but you know it’s just the beginning. The next five years are going too far out shadow that.

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