Mason Storm | Sport Management

What’s it like to be a college student? What’s it like to find the right school that puts you on the path to success? In this video, Mason Storm, a sports management major here at Daemen, reflects on his journey as a college student. If you’re interested in learning more about our sports management program, click this link! ➡️ https://www.daemen.edu/academics/areas-study/business-administration/business-administration-bs/sport-management

One of the challenges has definitely been doing my own laundry.

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When I was a kid, first when I was younger, I actually wanted to be a doctor.

I came into Daemen as a physical therapy major actually, and I ended up changing ’cause I found it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

And Daemen was very accommodating to helping me get on the right path.

I was at a very small high school so going to a college where
there’d be thousands of people I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

I figured I’d be in class all the time.

I wouldn’t have a lot of fun.

I’d be stressed.

But its a lot of fun.

There’s a lot of time to build relationships with people and experiences.

Personally, to me in class I’ve never been the person that raised their hand.

Never really been that person to talk.

Especially when I was younger, I was very self conscious about my voice.

I’ve always been really like, oh, I don’t really wanna raise my hand but as I’ve grown now.

I’ve come to learn that if I have a question.

I’m going to ask, like, I’ll make my presence known.

As far as extra curriculars I came in, I wasn’t really just a basic student and now I’m in my third year.

I’m an athlete, I’m an RA on campus, orientation leader,

I work with the Wildcat Media Entertainment group.

I really just made a point to like, get involved.

And to just go out there and show everyone who you really are.

Daemen is such a loving community.

Everyone here will support you no matter what.

I have yet to meet a student that was just totally unfriendly and not willing to help you out.

The community here is great.

It’s such a loving, welcoming family.

From the moment you step on campus everyone’s excited you’re here.

Everyone’s always checking in on you, always trying to make sure you’re doing good.

‘Cause everyone wants to see you succeed.

Hi, I’m Mason Storm, Sports Management Major here at Daemen College, and you should definitely experience Daemen for yourself.

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