Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Arts, B.S

Crafted with the help of 30 leading arts professionals, this program teaches students the creative, business and leadership skills needed to launch a start-up or find a fulfilling career in the cultural sector.

Learn how to market your own creative work, or find a career in a local, national, or international arts organization.

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The new major in leadership and entrepreneurship in the arts is designed to help creatives and even business-minded students find one of the 11.4 million jobs in the cultural sector in the United States.

Working in the arts and cultural sector is extremely rewarding, but it’s extremely challenging as well.

And so, the reason why Daemen is an appropriate place to be training students to excel within this sector is because we’re going to give the fundamental knowledge of management principles, organizational principles, and combine that with the knowledge of the arts and cultures.

[Dr. Waterhouse] Western New York has an incredibly rich cultural history.

Ranging from world-class symphonies and art galleries to local theater companies and smaller, experimental galleries, and film and media centers.

One of our aims is to connect students with the executive directors
and leadership positions within the arts and cultural sector in Western New York.

These are the relationships that this program will have with leaders
outside of the campus.

We have partnerships with a number of professional companies in town.

The Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance, the Theater Alliance of Buffalo, Arts Services Initiative, 43North, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Galleries, big and small.

The arts and cultural sector benefits from having strong leaders, and that’s what we’ll be preparing.

As we continue to move into challenging times within the arts and cultural sector, we’re going to need to have experienced leaders who have that bedrock skills that we are providing within this program.

The one-on-one mentorship that students get here at Daemen College is top-notch.

You see faculty who are themselves artists in their own right mentor individual students.

We pride ourselves on a rapport with students, and especially that one-on-one mentorship.

This program requires small classrooms, hands-on approach.

It’s going to need to have that balance of both sort of direct lecture, but
also a laboratory setting where students are able to take their skill sets and apply it to a project-based learning experience.

So Daemen allows for the student to have that hands-on approach.

In addition, Daemen is one mile from downtown, and that boasts an enormous advantage to this program, so that it’s easy for us to facilitate internships and relationships with the many interesting, exciting, relevant,
diverse cultural players; that are operating within our community.

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