Isaiah Goldsmith | Social Work

What’s it like to be a college student? What’s it like to find the right school that puts you on the path to success?

In this video, Isaiah Goldsmith, a social work major here at Daemen, reflects on his journey as a college student.

If you’re interested in learning more about our social work program, click this link! ➡️ https://www.daemen.edu/academics/areas-study/social-work

Definitely figuring out how to manage my time at first.

I’m not gonna lie; at first I was so bad at managing time.

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I have actually grown a lot, and I haven’t even realized, how much I have grown here.

But when I look back I have just become, more sociable.

I was very sociable in high school, but now that I’m getting a
chance to meet professors and people who are in these
professions and everything, and trying to find yourself,
you know, you’re not, really the same person when
you get out of high school.

You kinda just trying to, you kinda change, you become this new person.

Just networking, making connection with other people who can further your future.

Daemen is a lot of things, but one thing they are good at is getting students to get out of their comfort zones and get around this family type of feeling.

When I first came here, the first thing that I noticed actually was that, Daemen had this family-like presence, that wasn’t scripted, or wasn’t fake.

Like it was legitimate.

It was really genuine; it was real.

I was so excited to get into that because I’m like, wow!

I didn’t see that with other colleges.

It shaped me up into who I am today.

Honestly, it’s just, for me, it’s just so comfortable here.

Hi, I’m Isaiah Goldsmith. I am a social work major here at Daemen.

And you should definitely experience Daemen for yourself.

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