Favorite Spot on Campus

We asked students about Daemen College. This is what they said about their favorite spot on campus.

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I think my favorite place on campus is the RIC.

The RIC!

I’m always in the RIC.

There are open study spaces, and then there are rooms that are kind of closed off.

The RIC is state of the art.

I’m very productive there and get a lot done in the RIC.

Probably the third floor of the RIC.

Near the windows is a special area that’s just lined with different kinds of you know study areas, tables, couches, chairs.

All the computers I can get my homework done, hang out with friends, it’s a great place to be.

My favorite spot is the Den.

The Den!

The Den!

I love the Den; the food is awesome. I could always go there if I want something quick.

The food is great, and I love the employees in there.

It’s open 24/7, so if I’m up late studying and the library closes, I go in my little corner and pump out all my work for the night it’s really nice.


It’s a lot of fun being in Canavan and being able to hang out with people, the lounge, or in their dorm rooms.

I really liked it actually, my second year I missed Canavan so much because everyone you know is two feet away.

Probably the gym.

As an athlete, I would go with the Athletics department just because I know everybody there and everybody knows me.

I use the study tables in the Athletics department too, so I’m really there for most of my time, practice, and stuff.

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