Choose Daemen Because

We asked students about Daemen College. This is what they said about why you should choose Daemen as your college choice.

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Choose Daemen, because it really feels like home once you get here.

Choose Daemen, because you’re going to fit in here.

Choose Daemen, because of the close connections that you will make with people.

Choose Daemen, if you want a community-based school. Since there aren’t as many people in my classes and stuff like that usually less than 20 or 25, it allows for like a more of a connection, I think.

I choose Daemen because I wanted to combine tennis with my academic path.

Choose Daemen, because you’re going to have great opportunities, and it’s really going to excel you forward in your career path.

Choose Daemen because you’ll be open to a world of opportunities, along with new challenges, and a new perspective.

Choose Daemen because you will make connections, you will make friends, and you will create opportunities that you never thought you would.

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