Athletics Overview

In this video, Director of Athletic Operations and Communications Alexis Wayne discusses the various services provided to students through athletics.

My name’s Alexis Wayne. I’m the current Director of Athletic Operations and Communications here at Daemen College. My office is housed over in Lumsden Gymnasium in the Athletics Department.

I currently run all of our Daemen College-sponsored athletic events and any outside rentals that we have in our gymnasium. So athletics, we’re a part of NCAA Division II. So the NCAA houses all of the athletics across the country.

So, we sponsor 17 Division II sports. So, we handle all of our sports teams here on campus, ranging from basketball to tennis to soccer, volleyball. And for my department, we handle them. So, we schedule events. We run events.

We take care of their academics and everything of that nature. We love when we have students at our games.

You know, they really create the atmosphere. So, we offer students free admissions to all of our events on campus with their student ID.

We love when students come and support our teams. It really creates that fun, energetic atmosphere for our student athletes. So, students can get involved, both in Lumsden Gymnasium and then also the Academic and Wellness Center that we ave across the street from our campus.

We have open gym time, where students can play flag football, volleyball, basketball, and then also can use our actual wellness center, fitness center. They can do free weights, do cardio. So, you know, get a workout in, and then go play basketball or flag football with their friends through the various intramural programs and the various open gym times that we offer here for our students.