Student Athlete Bio – Andrew Sischo

What makes a good student-athlete? What makes them tick? How do they better themselves on the court and in the classroom?

In this video, Daemen College men’s basketball captain Andrew Sischo talks about his experience as a student-athlete, being able to compete at a D2 school, and working with his team to improve their skills!

Being a student athlete means everything to me.

Being a student athlete here is more than just playing basketball and putting the ball in the hoop.

Coming here to Daemen and playing for Coach Mac and playing for the school has really been one of the best experiences of my life.

Hi, I’m Andrew Sishco.

I’m a senior and I’m a business major here with a specialization in sports management.

Currently, I am a men’s basketball player and I am the starting center for the team.

I’ve been involved with sports all my life. Basketball was just one of the other sports that I was playing, basketball and baseball.

Baseball didn’t really work out, so I chose basketball and I just kind of played that for the last eight or nine years.

It’s really had one of the biggest impacts on my life.

Basketball has really taken me all around this country and the state of New York, so I’ve had a lot of opportunities that I’ve been very grateful for.

When I was getting recruited through basketball, Daemen was one the places that I felt the most comfortable here.

It really felt like a family and it really felt like where I was coming from in Guilderland in New York.

I just really loved coming here and once Coach Mac offered me the position here. I really just fell in love and I knew that it was a great fit right when I stepped foot on campus the first few times.

Being a student athlete at a Division II school you really gotta find that great balance and that’s what I loved here Division II.

Being able to have a social life, meet friends and hang out with people around school, but also having the best experience in the best facilities and stuff like that for basketball has been really great.

Being able to have a drive to do both sports and academics has been really helpful and it’s just been a great fit here.

Definitely being a Division II school here at Daemen is something that’s very rewarding. Kind of gives you that drive to wanna succeed on and off the court.

It kinda gives you that extra drive when the coaches get on you, ’cause you know you’re here for them and they brought you here and they want you here so, that’s just something that’s been really cool to see and to see my teammates succeed.

Kids that have struggled when they first got here but now are leaving with a great degree and to be able to go off and do things that they might not have thought they could do when they got here as freshman has been really fun to see.

Just to see people change has been really helpful and really eye-opening to me to see that people actually want to succeed as well and it’s not just you so you wanna see everyone else do the things that you’re doing.